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From Sasvata Chatterjee <>
Subject Re: [m2] Unarchive selected files/dirs
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2006 20:39:12 GMT

On 1/15/06, dan tran <> wrote:
> I would prefer to add to add perttern set or the existing interface, so
> that there will be minimal impact on other plugins if they decide to use
> this new feature.
> +1 from me and Brian, i am sure others will follow.  Open JIRA for this
> this feature, and advertize your vote ;-)

Could you please clarify for me what you mean here? Do you mean that I
should open a JIRA for dependency-maven-plugin with what I already
have done, or are you proposing that the original UnArchiver interface
in Plexus should be modified and I should open a JIRA for


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