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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Using Maven2 Site Plugin for Java.Net site documentation?
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 02:59:44 GMT
Hi John,

On 1/10/06, John Fallows <> wrote:
> Yeah, I considered that, but don't think it is quite right.  This issue of
> headings is specific to /index.html in the generated site, and does not
> affect any other page.  If Java.Net was not prepending anything special for
> the /index.html content (in addition to the regular Java.Net chrome), then
> my src/site/apt/index.apt file would be of the form:

For all this, I guess the best solution is going to be to allow out of
order sections (perhaps with a warning). This shouldn't be harmful, I
don't think.

Can you file that in JIRA?

> Btw, is there any support in site skinning to supply an additional Velocity
> Macro template for special files that have fixed names and should only be
> generated once for the whole project, rather than running the macro on every
> file in the site?

No this is generally done by reports, but I'm not sure that's what you
are looking for here since it is really just a fragment.

You can include it in the resources in the skin to have it hopy as
direct HTML - we might need to add some filtering though to be able to
modify it. That would be a new feature request if just static HTML is
not sufficient.

> Many of the standard Maven reports are duplicates of the Java.Net ones added
> in the chrome at runtime, so we'd need to be able to exclude the well-known
> duplicates and capture the rest automatically.
> It would be really great if all of this could actually be captured in a
> single site skin.

The skin isn't really related to the selected reports at this point.
It might just need to be a FAQ on how to enable the right reports.

- Brett

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