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From Michał Stochmiałek <>
Subject RE: [m2] run plugin after webapp is assembled and before it's zipped
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 12:06:48 GMT
> Hi Ralph,
> > I'd like to post-process my JSPs using the antrun plugin (which uses
> > ant's replaceregexp task). The plugin execution itself works fine,
> > but now I need it to run after the webapp is assembled and before
> > it's zipped up as a warfile.
> I had do dig around in the maven-war-plugin myself and I'm pretty sure
> that the maven-war-plugin currently does not support what you want. The
> webapp will be assembled in an uncompressed folder structure first,
> afterwards it's compressed. If you need to put some code in between those
> two steps, you might also be forced to hack around in the war plugin :-(

I had similar problem. As I remember I modified contents of "target/${finalname}" directory
using several ant tasks in antrun plugin. After that I _updated_ "target/${finalname}.war"
using war ant tasks (also in the same antrun). 

        <!-- do something in "${}/${}" -->

        <ear destfile="${}/${}.ear" appxml="${}/${}/META-INF/application.xml">
          <!-- if you can attach a fileset -->
          <fileset dir="${}/${}" includes="**/*.jsp"/>

I think this is the fastest way to archive what you want.

btw. you can't use property for  "${}/${}",

best regards,
Michal Stochmialek
IT Department, Technology Division
Euro Bank S.A.

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