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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject Re: Can the xDoc plug-in use the XML unary format when generating XHTML tags that are forbidden to have content?
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 21:03:38 GMT
It's a known issue:

Nothing we can do about in xdoc, it's a dom4j bug.


Lance Bader wrote:
> In HTML there are tags that are forbidden to have content or end tags,
> namely
> <area>
> <base>
> <basefont>
> <br>
> <col>
> <frame>
> <hr>
> <img>
> <input>
> <isindex>
> <link>
> <meta>
> <param>
> In XHTML, of course, everything needs an end tag, even if content is
> forbidden, and the xDoc plug-in correctly adds end tags while generating its
> XHTML output.  However, it adds explicit end tags instead of using the unary
> format.  For example, it expands <br> to <br></br> instead of the unary
> <br/>.  Even if the XML source contains an explicit <br/>, the xDoc plug-in
> converts it to <br><br/>.
> For our project, it is important for our XHTML files to be reusable and we
> have adopted a number of standards, both industry standards and company
> standards, to assure that.  Compliance testing is performed with Parasoft's
> WebKing application.
> I was dismayed to discover that WebKing, for these tags, considers an
> explicit end tag a violation of "industry web standards".  It considers the
> unary format acceptable.  I can see their point; an explicit end tag invites
> content between the start tag and the end tag and content is forbidden for
> these tags.
> If it was a perfect world, the xDoc plug-in would, either by default or by
> user configuration, use the unary format instead of explicit end tags for
> these tags.  I would rather not encourage a permanent special case for our
> XHTML.  Even a special post-build step to make the XHTML comply could cause
> unacceptable risk and effort.
> What do you think? Could the xDoc plug-in be enhanced?  Should it be
> enhanced?

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