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From Lee Meador <>
Subject Re: When I will be able to try out "A Maven 2.x plug-in for the Eclipse IDE"
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 18:04:46 GMT
Here are the problems I am having with mvn 'eclipse:eclipse'

1) Dependency is added to the eclipse project for <imagine path
here>/jre/rt.lib pointing the the java 1.5 runtime jar. This makes the
eclipse project refuse to even try building.

2) When the maven POM has a dependency on other projects, dependencies to
all the other projects' snapshots in the repository are added ot the eclipse

3) Eclipse build path components based on any other projects all disappear.
(These are the ones in the project's properties dialog box. Select build
path from the tree and select 'projects' tab which is the 2nd from left.)

4) Eclpse project dependencies to any other projects all disappear.  (These
are the ones in the project's properties dialog box. Select the bottom
option  from the tree.)

5) I'm using MyEclipse and all the natures for things like an EAR project,
or a WAR project all disappear from the eclispe ".project" file.

6) The transitive dependencies stuff in Maven 2 interacts with the contents
of the POMs to make the Eclipse projects dependent on a whole lot of extra
stuff when you run mvn eclipse:eclipse. The way Eclipse 3.1 is set up so
that the dependency jars show up at the top level of the project tree in the
package view means you have to see all those bogus dependencies. (This is in
a case like the spring framework where one of the Spring jars is dependent
on 15 other things but you are only using one part of the Spring jar and so
you only need 2 of the 15 dependencies.)

7) And some more of those sorts of things.

8) Its hard for my fingers to type eclipse:eclipse without a typo. It seems
to be the combination of letters ...

In general, it seems that the maven2 eclpse plugin does not preserve
previously set project settings. It seems to wipe them away and build the
projects the way it prefers. (On the other hand, I think the Checkstyle
nature and settings are preserved.)

For me, this works while getting things set up but causes problems on a
continuing basis. Perhaps if every build related thing was done with Maven
it would be ok.

What I have been doing that seems to work on a continuing basis is to add
new dependencies to the POM first, then run maven and fix things until it
can build, then manually add a reference into the repository to the Eclipse
classpath. To do that, I go into eclipse's project properties. Select "build
classpath" from the tree at the left and click the 3rd tab for libraries.
Then I click "Add variable" and select M2_REPO and extend to find the new
jar file.

On 11/25/05, Carlos Sanchez <> wrote:
> This is possible and it's something that will be available probably in
> the next weeks.
> On 11/25/05, Kees de Kooter <> wrote:
> > Miks,
> >
> > I am not sure if this would be possible. For instance, in your eclipse
> > project you have a "flat" list of dependent libraries whereas in maven
> > most of the dependencies are resolved for you.
> >
> > E.g. if you put a dependency on hibernate in your pom maven figures
> > out which dependencies hibernate has, in eclipse you have to to this
> > all by yourself.
> >
> > In our team the pom is leading. Every time something .classpath or
> > ,project related changes in the pom we run eclipse:eclipse and are up
> > to date on the eclipse side.
> >
> > rgds,
> > Kees
> >
> >
> > >
> > > It doesn't. It generates Eclipse project out of Maven's project. What
> I
> > > need is as minumum vice versa -- I do have projects in Eclipse and I
> > > need to have pom.xml generated and kept up to date, as developers
> > > continue development in Eclipse.
> > >
> >
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-- Lee Meador
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