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From Anuerin Diaz <>
Subject not all child-child sub-modules are being built
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 12:33:02 GMT

   i apologize for the subject. :D

   just to organize our project structure we are putting all EJB
projects in a child-directory named EJB. then i put this in the parent



  the problem is that only the last EJB module is being built. in my
example above only ejb2 is going to be built. if i switch the
positions of the two then only ejb1 will be built. i tried putting the
EJB projects in between the mod1 and mod2 declaration and still only
the last EJB project gets built but mod2 will be built just fine.

  in reality, all EJB projects are empty. they are just popoulated by
the mod1 project (via an ant script) because every other ejb project
has the same classes but different manifest values.

  is this a bug or an intended feature?

  i also tried making the EJB a "pom" project and declaring it as a
module in the parent project. the EJB project will then declare the
ejbX projects as its module. i was hoping that the maven goal
invocations  will cascade but it didn't. that is why i did it as
stated above.




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Anuerin G. Diaz
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