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From "Law Green-A20134" <>
Subject RE: [M2] Repository
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 04:16:03 GMT

It's almost done, really appreciate! The only thing I want to make clear is the maven-proxy

Do you suggest we deploy maven-proxy as follows:


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From: Jason van Zyl []
Sent: 2005年11月28日 12:53
To: Maven Users List
Subject: Re: [M2] Repository

Law Green-A20134 wrote:
> Thanks Jason,
> They are clear. Here is my further questions:
> 1. local repository store artifacts from both central repository and snapshot repository,

Your local repository will store all artifacts retrieved from remote respositories irrepsective
of their location or what they store. As a user you only have one local repository. Developers
of Maven take this as a given and is probably not well expressed in the documentation.

> 2. dependency can be pre-released artifacts stored in snapshot repository?

Short answer is yes.

This is the practice we recommend: we have a release repository and a snapshot repository
and so our snapshot dependencies typically come from a snapshot repository. But there is nothing
stopping you from storing snapshots and release artifacts in one repository. You specify these
policies in the repository definitions.

> 3. distribution repository = internal repository?

For an organization this will most likely be the case. Your internal repository may serve
as the repository you deploy/distribute to, and may also serve as the primary remote repository
for all users inside your organization. I should really whip up a diagram.

> 4. If I want to setup my project with external repository and internal
> repository and I want to have the looking up order to be
> local->internal->external, what should I do?

Looking up artifacts in your local repository happens automatically. If you have requested
an artifact and it has been downloaded it will be used from your local repository. So really
you want to control in which order your remote repositories are access be that inside or outside
your firewall.

> Further more, I hope all artifacts download from external repository
> be stored in internal repository automatically. Does maven-proxy
> designed for this?

Yes, if you want to shield your inside-the-firewall users from any outside-the-firewall repositories
then maven-proxy is what you want.
It's generally good practice to use maven-proxy as it provides some indirection when referencing
repositories in general whether they be internal or external to your organization.

> But does that mean I have to distribute my released artifacts to a
> proxy which seems weird to me?

No, you would deploy to your designated internal repository and in turn your maven-proxy setup
would refer to the internal repository location.
There is currently no deployment that happens via maven-proxy.
Maven-proxy is in essence a facade for a number of repositories and is strictly used for downloading
not deployment.

Hope that helps.



Jason van Zyl
jason at

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