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From "Law Green-A20134" <>
Subject RE: [M2] Repository
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 02:32:00 GMT
Thanks Jason,

They are clear. Here is my further questions:

1. local repository store artifacts from both central repository and snapshot repository,
2. dependency can be pre-released artifacts stored in snapshot repository?
3. distribution repository = internal repository?
4. If I want to setup my project with external repository and internal repository and I want
to have the looking up order to be local->internal->external, what should I do? Further
more, I hope all artifacts download from external repository be stored in internal repository
automatically. Does maven-proxy designed for this? But does that mean I have to distribute
my released artifacts to a proxy which seems weird to me?


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From: Jason van Zyl [] 
Sent: 2005年11月28日 11:59
To: Maven Users List
Subject: Re: [M2] Repository

Law Green-A20134 wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone give me a clear description of the following concepts and 
> their role in M2 build system:

They all share the same directory structure (as a file system is the most common way -- really
the only way right now --  to house a repository).

> 1. remote repository

Where you the user may get artifacts from. Can be located anywhere and accessed by any protocol
supported by Wagon (ftp/scp/http/file/...)

> 2. central repository

A special remote repository which is situated at, this is the remote
repository where you would find most OSS artifacts.

> 3. snapshot repository

We do not store snapshots with released artifacts anymore. A snapshot repository is a remote
repository specifically for housing non-release code.

> 4. local repository

The directory structure on your local machine which stores all the artifacts required by all
the projects on your system.

> 5. private repository
> 6. intranet repository

Same thing and these are internal repositories. A remote repository inside your firewall i.e
a repostory not on your machine but in the confines of your organization. You might have internal
release/snapshot repos as well.

> 7. distribution repository

Usually an internal repository where you deploy your artifacts. Here again you may have release/snapshot

This might help as well:

> Regards,
> Green



Jason van Zyl
jason at

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