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From Michał Stochmiałek <>
Subject [m2] properties when using antrun (bug?)
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 08:58:02 GMT

I found strange behavior of antrun plugin. I believe that properties are not resolved correctly
in attributes content. For example <echo> task is producing different output depending
on place where property is used. When property is used in tag body, the result is correct.
But when used in attributes the result contains 'null's. 

I've tested it on example below.

					<property name="destdir" 
					#  Those two lines below produce different output
					<echo>1: ${destdir}</echo>
					<echo message="2: ${destdir}" />

[INFO] [antrun:run {execution: default}]
[INFO] Executing tasks
[DEBUG] getProperty(ns=null, name=ant.reuse.loader, user=false)
[DEBUG] getProperty(ns=null, name=destdir, user=false)
     [echo] 1: P:\projects\endpoint\target\jarInEar
     [echo] 2: null
[INFO] Executed tasks

This bug prevents from using properties in general, since almost most task's arguments are
applied using arguments. 

best regards,
Michal Stochmialek
IT Department, Technology Division
Euro Bank S.A.

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