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From Michael Böckling <>
Subject Re: [m102] corrupt png files in a jar
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 08:51:39 GMT
Hi Thomas,

I had a similiar issue with Maven 1.1 when I included a picture for the 
generated site in the resources tree. I think it was a GIF, and it got 
corrupted when the site deployed. It was still readable, but looked 
funny. There were no FTP transfers or whatever taking place that could 
have introduced a binary/ascii mode problem, so it must have been mavens 
fault. Maybe you should file an issue.

Michael Böckling

Giniality AG - Michael Böckling; Steinenberg 21, CH-4051 Basel
P: +41 61 226 99 63 - F: +41 61 226 99 69;

>hello to all,
>we have a project that consists *only* of image files, like gif, png etc.
>a team member is using the jar goal on this project, and the jar is
>then distributed to webapps that need the images.
>However, after jarring up the image files, they are then unreadable.
>I saw a reference from google about a maven.jar.compress property.
>We set it to false in but it had no effect.
>Has anyone else done something similar? Used the jar goal on
>a project of image files like gif or png?  Did it work ok,
>or have there been similar problems?
>Thanks in advance for your help.
>Tom Perry

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