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From Maria Odea Ching <>
Subject Re: Dependencies
Date Sat, 26 Nov 2005 02:40:38 GMT
Hi Markus,

Having a central repository for all the project dependencies is one of 
the main highlights
of maven. There are also avaliable plugins for generating ejb files and 
client jars (See As for filtering, you can use it to 
filter resource files that
you want to include in your wars, jars, etc.


Markus M. May wrote:

>we have a very huge project here. This project consists of many
>"components" or "modules" which have inter-dependencies all over. One of
>the problems we face is, that these modules does change often (e.g. for
>bug-fixes) and therefor we need to update the dependencies
>(version-number) all the time. Right now, we are using ANT 1.6 and would
>like to resolve this issue probably with Maven2. We believe that
>transitive dependencies are the way to go.
>Therefor we would like to store the dependencies for all components in a
>central place, where one could update them pretty easily.
>Also each component generates more then one artifact (one for the EJBs,
>one common and at least one for the client side, and sometimes one for
>the resources - this is needed for JWS). Would this be possible with
>Maven2 as well? I heard something about masks and filters -are they the
>right way to go?
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