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From Michael Böckling <>
Subject Re: Newbie Multiproject question
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 17:11:47 GMT
Hi Toby,

you can't "change directories" with the includes/excludes expression. 
But instead, you can try the following:


This is because the directory scanner will scan all subdirs of 
maven.multiproject.basedir and match them against the given expressions.

Michael Böckling

Giniality AG - Michael Böckling; Steinenberg 21, CH-4051 Basel
P: +41 61 226 99 63 - F: +41 61 226 99 69;

>Hi Guys,
>Probably a silly question but can I use the multiple projects plugin for
>projects that aren't under the standard (single?) folder structure?
>ie, instead of having;
>I'd like;
>projectroot\project.xml (the 'parent')
>I was thinking you could have something like;
>in the properties for the root project ( Does that make
>any sense at all!? When I try, it seems the multi project plugin doesn't
>recognise the sub-projects, ie,
>maven -X multiproject:goal -Dgoal=java:compile
>    [echo] Gathering project list
>Starting the reactor...
>Our processing order:
>Starting the reactor...
>using existing list of projects: []
>Our processing order:
>attaining goal build:end
>which I assume means it hasn't found anything (as it didn't do the compile).
>I added maven.multiproject.type entries in each sub-projects properties.
>Any tips would be much appreciated. The reason for trying this BTW is just
>because I have legacy projects and I'd like to keep the change history in
>CVS rather than move them to a more standard structure.
>Thanks in advance,
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