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From Michael Böckling <>
Subject How to customize report execution
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 18:22:30 GMT

is there a way to include reports (like checkstyle) into a specific 
phase of the M2 lifecycle?
I tried to put the maven-checkstyle-plugin in the <plugins> section of 
my POM (instead of the <reporting> section) and got a build error, 
saying that "'report' was specified in an execution, but not found in 
the plugin". Upon closer examination, I found that the Mojo API differs 
in that there is no execute() method in, but 
instead an executeReport() method.
Now does that mean I'm out of luck? What I would like to do is to 
execute certain checks in certain phases of the build, so I can abort 
when there is an error, lowering the stress on the build server.

Thank you very much,
Michael Böckling

P.S.: POM extract:

Giniality AG - Michael Böckling; Steinenberg 21, CH-4051 Basel
P: +41 61 226 99 63 - F: +41 61 226 99 69;

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