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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: namespace.jar
Date Sun, 13 Nov 2005 22:18:52 GMT
thanks for the info.  I didn't realise that jaxme is an open-source 
variant of jaxb. Looks like I'll have to try it out.

I did know that there are no sun jars on ibiblio - however there are 
poms for many of them, and I thought namespace.jar was one of them, or I 
remember seeing it before I think. Perhaps I'm wrong.

However, it is seriously only 2 classes - I am surprised that jaxme have 
not included an implementation.

And I also really like the XJC capability!


Alexandre Poitras on 13/11/05 19:38, wrote:
> Unfortunately, it is a sun jar. Refer to this guide :
> /mini/guide-coping-with-sun-jar<>
> s.html <>
> I had the same problem and just switched to Apache JAXB implementation
> (Jaxme2 <>). What is great with this distribution
> is that you can use the xjc
> <>plugin during the
> generate-sources phase to generate your Java files and be
> sure they are always in sync with the changes you made to your XML Schemas.
> Hope it's help!
> On 11/13/05, Adam Hardy <> wrote:
>>I searched ibiblio for namespace.jar that is a dependency for JAXB, and
>>I can't find it anywhere. Has it got another name or is it just not there?
>>It comes as part of JWSDP 1.6, package name javax.xml.namespace, class
>>in package == NamespaceContext

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