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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject [m2] repository changes
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 19:42:49 GMT
I just upgraded from m2-beta-2 to 2.0 and had a few problems with my 
dependencies' groupIds.

I moved my old beta local repository out of the way and let mvn create a 
new one.

I can't find jbosssx-4.0.2.jar anymore. It used to be in org.jboss but 
that moved to jboss/jbosssx and only jbosssx-3.x exists there. Anyone 
know where it is?

I can't find it by googling ibiblio either.

BTW, it seems that the standard of using the package name as the repo 
directory/groupId is not the standard anymore - e.g. moved back from 
org.jboss to jboss.jboss.

If I missed a thread on this earlier, sorry but I searched the archives 
and didn't see it.


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