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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject Re: [m1] Problems resolving external dtd reference
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 06:34:32 GMT
This is a known issue:

For stand-alone projects, you can make it work by specifying an absolute 
path for the external entity, but this will not work in a multiproject 
set-up. Otherwise, I'm afraid I can't offer anything else right now.


Phil Steitz wrote:
> After installing 1.1-beta-2, the following external reference (included 
> in navigation.xml files) that we use to include common menus on the 
> Jakarta Commons sites is no longer working:
> <!DOCTYPE org.apache.commons.menus SYSTEM 
> '../../commons-build/menus/menus.dtd'>
> The xdoc plugin generates the following error:
> Relative URI '../../commons-build/menus/menus.dtd' cannot be resolved 
> without a base URI.
> Any ideas how to work around this?  Any better ideas on how to include 
> common menus and portions thereof on multiple sites?  The commons sites 
> indivdual navigation.xml files refer to entities defined in the dtd 
> referenced above, so common elements can be maintained in one place.
> Thanks in advance.
> Phil
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