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From stéphane bouchet <>
Subject Re: [m2] aspectj
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 10:32:47 GMT

In my case, i will not upgrade to maven2 unless an aspectj plugin.
I am like the majority of users, because my project uses java 1.4 and i cannot 
change that prereq.

So for the moment I will wait for a plugin before migrate to maven2.

And if there wil not be a plugin, i will try to write one ;)



Kaare Nilsen a écrit :
> You should not rely on the number of people that asks for priority.
> The persons that asks are the one who already have a motivation of
> using maven, the wast majority i would suspect checks if maven have a
> plugin for it, if not they would use something else.
> I for sure would not use maven if i was not on a java 1.5 project due
> to the fact of the missing aspectJ plugin. But luckily using aspectJ 5
> and java 1.5 i don't need a special compiler.
> With all that said. Maven2 really has made my building way more easy,
> and if you could use java 1.5 and aspectJ 5 that is a working
> combination
> /Kaare Nilsen
> On 07/11/05, Brett Porter <> wrote:
>>I don't believe this is currently working.
>>You're probably the 3rd person that has asked all year - so that
>>probably justifies the priority :) That's possibly just a matter of it
>>not being there though - I'm sure if it was started more would come
>>out of the woodwork.
>>There has been some discussion on this list in the past about possible
>>ways to implement it - if you are interested in searching for that,
>>revieweing, and reviving the discussion, we'd really appreciate
>>anything you are able to contribute.
>>For myself, I'm not an aspectj user.
>>On 11/5/05, Eduardo Rocha <> wrote:
>>>I have seen in Maven Plugin Matrix that AspectJ Plugin for Maven 2 is
>>>considered "Low Priority" (!) and it is yet to be done. However, I was
>>>googling around and found some Maven2 compilers besides javac
>>>(eclipse, aspectj), called plexus-SOMENAME-compiler. I saw in this
>>>mail list as well someone trying to use csharp compiler as well.
>>>Does anyone already has AspectJ + Maven 2 working?
>>>Does anyone know how to properly use these plexus compilers?
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