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From Ralph Pöllath <>
Subject [m2] Using the tomcat plugin
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 12:56:41 GMT

I've successfully compiled and installed the tomcat plugin from svn,  
and tomcat:deploy works as expected. Now I'm wondering how to best  
use it.

For development, I'd like to avoid zipping up the war file for each  
deployment. From gleaning at the source, I learned this means  
deploying in local mode. I guess I have to pass a parameter to the  
tomcat plugin, but I can't figure out the parameter's correct name (I  
know, this question is related to plugins in general, but I can't  
find the documentation).

I tried
$ mvn -Dorg.apache.maven.plugins.maven-tomcat-plugin.mode=local  
$ mvn -Dorg.codehaus.mojo.tomcat.mode=local tomcat:deploy
but all I get is
[INFO] Deploying war remotely to /myProject on http://localhost:8080/ 
which means I'm running in the default remote mode.

I also noticed there's a mode called inplace, that uses a context.xml  
file to deploy to tomcat, and requires the war plugin to run in  
exploded mode. What's the advantage of using inplace (I assume you  
get to use a path different from, and how  
do I configure the war plugin?

How does everyone else use the tomcat plugin?


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