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From Ashley Williams <>
Subject [m2] new ejbdoclet+webdoclet plugin announcement
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 00:08:04 GMT
I have placed new ejbdoclet and webdoclet plugins in the sandbox here

And to see their use in a sample ear project try the following link:


Briefly they provide the following features:

1. Familiar ant xdoclet syntax can be used in configuration

2. Maven properties are automatically applied to the ant task - for  
you don't have to specify attributes such as destDir="target/ 
because the plugin applies a list of known mappings!

3. Can execute plugins in the same mvn session - eg a pom.xml that  
kicks off
an ejb and then web build won't bomb out.

4. Works by creating an actual build.xml file on the fly.

- Ashley

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