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From Ralph Pöllath <>
Subject Re: Documentation -- making better use of the wiki
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 10:38:37 GMT


On 11.11.2005, at 11:01, David Sag wrote:
> +1
> Kind regards,
> Dave Sag
> Alexander Hars <> wrote on 11-11-2005  
> 10:42:58:
>> Hi,
>> I have been using Maven2 for two weeks and am very impressed by  
>> all the
>> great features.
>> However, the learning curve is steep and it is often very  
>> difficult to
>> find certain answers (I often need to
>> to look at the source code to find them). Whenever I find an  
>> answer to a
>> question, I alone have learned.
>> Others don't profit. I would be quite willing to submit an answer to
>> Maven2 for inclusion into the guides. But that takes
>> quite a bit of time (...going into CVS, downloading the apt file,
>> modifying it, testing it, submitting it to someone for posting
>> to the CVS etc.). I did that once, but we can't expect big  
>> progress in
>> the documentation to occur this way.
>> The only solution that does not overload the developers (who put  
>> in so
>> much time already anyhow), is  to make better use
>> of the wiki because everybody can contribute and increase our  
>> cumulated
>> knowledge. But just providing the wiki as
>> it is now ( does not work.  
>> There
>> is almost nothing there, almost nobody
>> goes to it, therefore few people add anything either.
>> There are two practical ways in which we could make better use of the
> wiki:
>> a) provide a prominent link from the Maven2 documentation (guides,
>> miniguides, references, etc.) to a related wiki
>> page. Anyone who has some insight to add to the documentation can  
>> place
>> it there; anyone who has not found the
>> answer in the standard documentation can easily check whether  
>> there is
>> more information in the wiki. From time
>> to time someone can integrate the bulk of good insights from the wiki
>> back into the documentation.
>> b) put most of the documentation into the wiki. In my opinion this is
>> the ideal case, because it would reduce the
>> load on the developers for providing the documentation and there  
>> would
>> be a single documentation mechanism.
>> But it is probably not practical because the Maven Wiki is not  
>> based on
>> the .apt format and integration with the
>> maven site generation mechanism may be difficult.
>> Option a) is very easy to do. We would only need to create associated
>> wiki pages and insert a link to the wiki
>> page from the original documentation. I am sure that we could greatly
>> expand the Maven-related knowledge
>> this way.
>> I certainly would be willing to work on the necessary changes to get
>> this rolling if you think this is a good idea.
>> - Alexander Hars

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