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From Brian Bonner <>
Subject [ERROR] Nonexistent component: org.apache.maven.wagon.Wagonhttp
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 19:18:06 GMT
Not sure where to send this.  I have been trying to figure out why the
.wtpmodules is not getting included when I run mvn eclipse:eclipse.

I added a test case to the EclipsePluginTest (the dreaded "project-7")
and added a project-7 directory with a pom.xml (renamed to
projects.xml) to /src/test/projects.

I then added the necessary dependent poms/jars to the repository in

I run the tests and all of the prior 6 pass, but testProject7() fails with:

[ERROR] Nonexistent component: org.apache.maven.wagon.Wagonhttp

This error doesn't make much sense to me.  Does anyone have a
suggestion about this?


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