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From Christian Schulte>
Subject [m2] Aggregation of modules in a multi-module project
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2005 15:02:50 GMT

I have setup a sample multi-module project with the following structure:


Everything is working as expected e.g. I can generate the site for all 
individual modules. What I don't get working is some kind of aggregation 
of the individual modules in the site of Root. I found a way to have the 
individual javadocs getting linked to each other and want to do 
something similar to the binaries of the modules.

Currently I make links to the modules' sites myself in index.xml. Is 
there a way to have this done automatically down the hierarchy ? Some 
way of "make the tree of the modules' sites link to theire parent and 
children" ? For exmaple:

I want the generated site of Root to contain a menu "Modules" with links 
to the three sites of Module1, Module2 and Module3 and the sites of the 
modules haveing a link to Root and theire children, if they would have 
children. Is this possible ?

For building a distribution of Root I want to have the Root project 
aggregate all modules. By this I mean:

Aggregate everything of the jar files produced for the single modules 
into one jar file of Root. Aggregate all sources of all modules into one 
javadoc in Root. Aggregate all reports produced for the sites of the 
different modules in the site of Root.

Is it possible or is it just not the way things are meant to be done ?


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