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From Brett Porter <>
Subject [ANN] Maven 2.0 Release Now Available
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:24:47 GMT
We are pleased to announce that Maven 2.0 has been released, and is 
available for download from

Maven is a build system that provides software project management and 
dependancy comprehension. Based on the concept of a project object model 
(POM), Maven manages a project's build, reporting and documentation from 
a central place.

Maven 2.0 is a rewrite of the popular Maven application, designed to 
both address previous functional requirements and provide a stable 
platform for extending and enhancing its build management framework.

This release is significantly faster and smaller than Maven 1.0 and 
includes the following usability and performance improvements:

* Enhanced Dependency Management - includes dependency closures
   (transitive dependencies), version ranges, automatic build
   numbering, and automatic updating on a configurable interval

* Defined Build Lifecycle - developers can build any type of project
   using standard commands such as compile, test and install

* Unified Project Definition - manages all required build information in
   a single POM now, including project information, dependencies and
   plugin configuration

* Extended Plugin Architecture - supports Java and scripting languages
   such as Beanshell for plugin development

* Better Repository Support - includes separated snapshot repositories,
   a new more managable layout and per-project definitions of new

* Expanded Reactor Operation - offers built-in support for multiple
   projects (without the need to perform a full install cycle to compile
   all projects) and support for project aggregation

* New Site Management Tools - supports multiple input and output
   formats, with input formats including wiki-like APT format and
   docbook, while continuing to support traditional Maven XDoc and FAQ

* New Reporting API - offers a standardised method for producing project
   information and reports

* And much more...

The Maven 2.0 release is considered stable and includes a Maven 1.0 
complete feature set, with additional functionality. The most popular 
Maven 1.0 plugins have been converted for Maven 2.0, and many more are 
available in beta.
See for more 
information on particular plugins.

Maven's advanced dependency management features rely on project 
metadata. If you are interested in improving support for the users of 
your project, see

The Maven team would like to express thanks to the user and developer 
community for their beta testing, feedback and contributions that helped 
make the release possible!

To get started with Maven now, see the getting started guide:

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