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From Orjan Nygaard Austvold <>
Subject partial multiproject release
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 20:55:04 GMT
We have several multiproject structures holding multiple "generic"
artifacts. Released versions of these artifacts gets used by yet other
projects ("customizing" them in a product installation).

The multiproject structures looks somewhat like this (version in

generic (1.1-SNAPSHOT)
  artifact a (1.1-SNAPSHOT)
  artifact_b (1.2-SNAPSHOT)
  artifact_c (1.0-SNAPSHOT)

In this scenario b and c depends on a (a,b and c have generic as their

The generic pom have a dependencyManagement section list artifact a,b
and with their versions (makes inter-module dependencies easier to handle).

Upon having made some changes on the module b we would like to have it
released (new  version is 1.2,). This forces us to release both a and
the generic pom since we do not want a released version of b to depend
on snapshots. As a side-effect the pom of artifact c must also be
updated with a new parent version (since the new snapshot versions of a
and the parent have changed).

I don't see how the release plugin could help here. An attempt to do

    mvn release:prepare

in the b artifact directory only tells me that the parent haven't been
released. I really, really hope I'm wrong and that the release plugin
could help :-)

I know that I could do a complete release on the generic pom thus
upgrading all sub-modules. The downside of this is that the artifact c
would get a new version number without having any changes.

Since a release on the parent pom would force all modules to step up to
the next version, I really don't see any reason to why the modules need
separate versions anymore...

Kind of stuck here.


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