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From Brian Bonner <>
Subject Re: Flattened Eclipse Project
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 19:07:32 GMT
FWIW, This sample posted in MNG-743 is *very useful*.  Nice way of 
illustrating dependent builds.  If you haven't pulled this down already, 
I'd recommend doing so and running an m2 install against it and then m2 
eclipse:eclipse.  It's a great starter template.

The biggest pain I see is that if a developer (me) uses eclipse to 
checkout the root project he has to check it out to another location and 
then delete the project from the workspace (without actually deleting 
the contents).

After this (at least with 3.1) the developer (me, again) can import the 
root project.  It will correctly import each of the modules into eclipse 
(or so it seems).

A couple of questions:

1.  I noticed the dependencies are at the pom packaging level vs. the 
war/ear, etc. level.  Is there a reason for this, except that if you for 
example added another war to the servlets project, the assumption is 
that this *too* would be dependent upon fop?

2.  I noticed that eclipse:eclipse only uses standard builders (i.e. 
jar).  Did anyone have any thoughts on generating the other eclipse 
artifacts (for example for the WTP) for WARs.



Brian Bonner wrote:
> Doh!  I found this post after posting my post:  

> I'm reading through it now.
> Brian
> Brian Bonner wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there any way to create a flattened project hierarchy that is 
>> eclipse-friendly.  I.e.
>> instead of:
>> master-project
>> +---sub-project-A
>> +---sub-project-B
>> to have a hierarchy like this:
>> master-project
>> sub-project-A
>> sub-project-B
>> Likewise, maybe this is my naivete with respect to using maven w/ 
>> eclipse and sub-projects.   Can anybody give me some suggestions in 
>> this regard?
>> Eclipse (seems) to cater to a flattened hierarchy (dynamic web 
>> project, EAR, etc.)  projects and it expects things in a nice 
>> location for testing and easy use of their debugger.
>> btw, I found this post:  

>> but this is for maven-1 and I'm not sure if it's easy to convert this 
>> for m2.
>> Thanks.
>> -- 
>> Brian
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