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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: [m2] deployment of Jetty 6
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 20:46:04 GMT
On Thu, 2005-10-20 at 17:50 +0200, Greg Wilkins wrote:
> Hi all (and congrads on the 2.0 release),
> we're moving Jetty 6 over to use m2 and I have lots of questions about deployment.
> As well as questions, I would not mind a sanity check on what we have done.
> Firstly naming!   The groupId I'm using is org.mortbay.jetty
> In m1 it appears that the group id is just jetty and this has been "moved" to the
> current m2 repository.     Should I stick with jetty as the groupId or continue to
> use org.mortbay.jetty as per new conventions?

Use the new conventions.

> The modules/artifacts that I have are:
>    project       - pom - the top level project pom (should this be called "jetty" ??)
>    javax.servlet - jar - probably could get from elsewhere, but nice to build with Jetty...
just in case.
>    jetty.util    - jar - utility classes for Jetty (can be used without the Jetty server)
>    jetty         - jar - the server itself
>    start         - jar - the jar to start jetty from the command line
>    test          - war - a test web application.

We have standard names for SUN JARs:

Following those is recommended.

> Are all these reasonable names?
> How are m1 and m2 repositories to be merged?    
> Will it be sufficient to start publishing only Jetty 6 in a m2 repository or will I have
> to rename and merge in Jetty 4 and 5 jars to the m2 repository?

We convert the m1 repository every 4 hours into m2 format so getting
things in m2 style is just fine with us. It's much better information so
we can make the necessary m1 information from it.

> Will jars I publish with m2 be available to m1 users?


> Who do I talk to about getting the maven2 repository on replicated
> to ibiblio?  It is now a sibling directory in the rsync account on that machine.

We can sort that out offline. You've already got an m1 repo so setting
up an m2 repo will be no problem.

> cheers all
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