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From Daniel Schömer <>
Subject [m2] "Duplicate files" error during report generation with m2-2.0-beta-1
Date Sat, 17 Sep 2005 22:33:58 GMT

currently I'm testing m2 beta-1 with one of my projects.  During site
generation, I got an error that there are duplicate files in the
src/site/ directory.

| # m2 clean:clean site:site
| ...
| [INFO] Diagnosis: Error during report generation
| [INFO] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
| [ERROR] Cause: 
| org.apache.maven.plugin.MojoExecutionException: Error during report generation
| ...
| Caused by: org.apache.maven.reporting.MavenReportException: Some files are duplicates in
the site directory or in the generated-site directory. 
| Review the following files for the "Default" version:
| images/logos/cl-options_figlet-invita
|         resources/images/logos/cl-options_figlet-invita.png
|         resources/images/logos/cl-options_figlet-invita.txt
|         resources/images/logos/cl-options_figlet-invita.xcf
| ...

The listed files are not duplicates, they just contain the logo of the
project in different file formats (PNG, plain text and GIMP).  Its
seems a little strange to me that m2 doesn't allows me to store
"content" in different file formats in the site directory without
giving them different filenames (except of the filename-"extension").

To me, this may make sense for files that are processed by m2 to
generate the site (like xdoc and apt), but not for files that are only
copied during site generation.

It would be more naturally to me to have some kind of "priority" for
certain file-extensions.  Something like "apt files are prefered over
xml files with the same name" (except the extension part, of course).
Maybe a warning could be triggered if such a duplicate is found.

This kind of "file format priorities" would be perfect if there were
some default rules shipped with the site plugin that could be
overwritten/modified by the user (in the pom.xml or another file).
Perhaps something like 'src/site/priorities.list' containing lines of
priority lists like 'apt fml xml' (this would cause the site plugin to
prefer .apt files over .fml files over .xml files with the same
names).  But this is just an idea.

To change the error above to a warning may also be a possibility.

The short-time solution would be to rename the files listed, but this
doesn't satisfy me.

Daniel Schömer

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