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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: [m2] how to deal with missing dependencies
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2005 17:03:38 GMT

Jason van Zyl wrote:

>>Path to dependency:
>>        1) apache-cocoon:cocoon-core:jar:2.2-SNAPSHOT
>>        2) excalibur-store:excalibur-store:jar:2.1
>>        3) excalibur-fortress:excalibur-fortress-container-api:jar:1.2
>>        4) d-haven-managed-pool:d-haven-managed-pool:jar:1.0


> 1) Examine the repo and make sure you're using correct groupIds and
> artifactIds
In this case, who is right : the pom declaring

or the maven repository having groupId and artifactId d-haven-mpool ?

As I didn't feel to change the poms, i adjusted my local repository to
match the pom declarations - but this quickly became a pain as I find
more and more dependencies are mismatched :(

> 2) Contact the project in question and see if someone is maintain the
> metadata and if not

could do, but if I have to start sending out emails to get other
projects to fix their poms ... that could quickly become a lengthy
process for a project like Cocoon :-)


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