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From John Fallows <>
Subject Re: [m2] mock classes
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 06:33:58 GMT
There seems to be a bigger issue here too.

What if I have the following project structure


Now, api-module needs to provide mocks for use by both the api-module
unit tests the impl-module unit tests.

For impl-module unit test code to get the right dependency, the
api-module mocks must be delivered as a JAR.  This must be separate
from the the main api-module JAR.

So, why not just put the mocks in src/mock (alongside src/test) and
make a mocks JAR as the secondary api-module deliverable?

Well, that would need to JAR up the compiled mock classes which will
be in api-module/target/test-classes.  However, these test classes
also include the compiled src/test/java classes, as well as test

Note: it is also not possible to split this out as a separate module,
because there would be a cyclic dependency between api-module and

Is there a way to deliver an api-module mock JAR that only contains
classes for mocks, and can be used by both the api-module unit tests
and the impl-module unit tests?

Kind Regards,
John Fallows.

On 9/13/05, Jorg Heymans <> wrote:
> Trygve Laugstøl wrote:
> > Just treat the mocks as unit test source code and use
> >
> > <project>
> >   ..
> >   <build>
> >     ..
> >     <testSourceDirectory>mocks</testSourceDirectory>
> >     ..
> >   </build>
> > </project>
> >
> Just tried this, doesn't seem to work.
> Jorg
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