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From Andy Glick <>
Subject Re: problems with Maven 1.1 -beta-1 in defining entities in project.xml
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2005 02:09:46 GMT

When I executed "maven pom:validate" on your project.xml file I found 2 
lines that the Modello generated parser rejected.

1) Maven 1.1 no longer supports XML entities as a means of including XML 
fragments, though still supports character entities

<!-- &xdoclet-commons;-->

so commenting out this line allowed the parser to get to the next problem

if you would like to reference dependencies declared in another file, the 
current Maven 1 convention is to use <extend>[pom path 
spec]/project.xml</extend> and reference a project.xml file which has the 
required dependencies declared within it. I've tended to do this by 
creating my own project.xml files which i put in maven.local.repo - but you 
can actually put the file where you want to and name the file whatever you want

because the parser recognizes ${maven.local.repo} I tend to put POMS that 
I've written to aggregate dependencies in my local repository - an example 
from one of my POM files would be


2) Maven 1.1 will attempt to locate a file which matches the version String 
that you give it - so the following line causes a problem as Maven attempts 
to locate and download a file named "castor- <>.jar" 
if you remove the embedded URL and the GT and LT

<!-- <version> <></version> -->


Maven will attempt to locate and download castor-, which it 
successfully did in my environment

I'm sorry to say that I'm not at all sure what you are trying to accomplish 
with this syntax. When I attempted to process the POM file before changiong 
the line, Maven did attempt to download a file with the odd name that 
appears above.

Hope that this helps.

Best regards,

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