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From Andy Glick <>
Subject Re: [maven 1.0.2]SpringGraph plugin issue with Connections...
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2005 00:58:37 GMT

Looking at the stack trace you included, I think that 1 scenario that 
accounts for the trace is:

1) springgraph was attempting to invoke an xslt stylesheet on your 
applicationContext.xml file
2) the xslt processor is looking for the spring-beans.dtd. XML processors 
often have a catalog capability, which allows a configuration to store 
objects that are normally remote locally - sort of like a maven.repo.local 
- that's being described in the line resolveEntity
3) the xslt processor doesn't find a matching catalog entry, so it attempts 
to connect to, that seems to have timed out

I imagine that you may have executed this again since the failure and it 
may well have worked. I was just able to access the dtd from with no difficulty.

I will also tell you that I regularly experience timeouts when my machine 
attempts to contact Ibiblio - it isn't necessarily about your connection as 
much as it is likely to be the remote host and/or possibly the intervening 
network path - if the remote host is overloaded, that can lead to timeouts 
- if the network path is congested that can lead to timeouts

of course if your machine is overloaded, that can also lead to timeouts :-)

When ever I get network timeouts I always try again, because unless some 
critical part of the network path or the remote host is down, outages ought 
to be temporary

>    [xslt] [DEBUG] resolveEntity: '-//SPRING//DTD BEAN//EN':
>    [xslt] [DEBUG] No matching catalog entry found, parser will use:
>    [xslt] : Fatal Error! Connection timed
>out: connect Cause: Connection timed out:
>    [xslt] Failed to process


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