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From Raphaël Piéroni <>
Subject Re: [m2] netbeans-freeform feature request
Date Sat, 24 Sep 2005 14:00:17 GMT
Hi Edwin,

I am not sure of you're really looking for with that evolution.

The way it work actually is to create a 'nbproject' folder as a child of
the directory containing the 'current' project. 'current' can be the
subproject in a multiproject  environment.

Correct me if i'm wrong.

What you want is to call 'm2 -f /path/to/pom.xml
netbeans-freeform:generate-netbeans-project' and see generated
the directory 'nbproject' in another directory of the pom. And obviously
see that directory as a freeform project and can call maven from that

You desire this behaviour not to see the 'nbproject' directory in svn.

As a workaround before this issue will be corrected you may try to add
'nbproject' as ignore in your default svn properties. And if that does
not fixe really the behaviour you want for teh plugin, then please raise
a jira issue at for project mojo.

Thanks for the feedback.


Edwin Punzalan a écrit

> Hi, Rafale
> I'm a netbeans user and got hyped when Johnny Ruiz showed me what your 
> mojo can do.  Nice work!
> I have one request, though, before I can use it, if you don't mind. :D
> Is it possible to specify the Netbeans project location and project 
> folder (as you would when creating a new project) ?
> That would be very useful when I don't want to have all the nbproject 
> directories appear within my svn-ed projects.  Currently, I have one 
> Netbeans Project Location for all my Netbeans projects.  And within 
> it, are the project folders.
> Thanks in advance and am really looking forward to using it.  ^_^

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