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From Brett Porter <>
Subject [ANN] Maven 1.1 Beta 2 Released
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 05:59:09 GMT
The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Maven 1.1 Beta 2

Maven is a project management and project comprehension tool. Maven is 
based on the concept of a project object model: builds, documentation 
creation, site publication, and distribution publication are all 
controlled from the project object model. Maven also provides tools to 
create source metrics, change logs based directly on source repository, 
and source cross-references.

For a list of changes since 1.1 beta 1, please see JIRA [2].

The 1.1 release focuses on the following objectives:

    * Integration of Maven 2 technologies such as Maven Wagon, Maven SCM and the new model
    * Ant 1.6.5 support, including forkmode="once"
    * Upgrade to later releases of dependencies, in particular Jelly
    * Significant improvements in memory usage
    * Improved POM layout
    * Bugfixes

With just a few exceptions [1], Maven 1.1 is backwards compatible with Maven 1.0.

*IMPORTANT: * You must ensure that Maven 1.1 is first in your path if you want to have it
installed side-by-side with Maven 1.0.2

We hope you enjoy using Maven! If you have any questions, please consult:

    * the FAQ:
    * the maven-user mailing list:

For news and information, see:

    * Maven Blogs:

- The Apache Maven Team


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