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From Eric Giguère <>
Subject Re: Directory structure... xdoc or xdocs?
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 16:50:33 GMT
Hi Arnaud

Ah, so if I got your answer right, it will be then {basedir}/xdoc and 
not even what is now said in the convention document presently published 
on the maven site?


Arnaud HERITIER wrote:

>It will be the place for m2.
>I'll propose to move the default directory in the next release of the xdoc 
>We'll advice usrs to move their sources if possible or to define themself 
>I'll propose also to move genapp templates to use this new layout.
>On 9/7/05, Eric Giguère <> wrote:
>>Hi all
>>Just wondering...
>>In the convention document, the xdoc that are used to produce the site
>>should be located in src/site/xdoc.
>>But, the plugin doesn't use that value as derfaut. And the maven project
>>itself does not use this directory either.
>>I know that we can customize the plugin's behavoir by setting
>> but since I'm creating a lot of new projects now, I would
>>like to use the recommended structure.
>>So, putting them (the xdocs) in src/site/xdoc would be THE place to put
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