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From Mark Hobson <>
Subject [m2] Installing plugins with different groupIds
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2005 14:50:21 GMT
Do you have to configure anything differently for m2 to auto-discover
plugins that aren't in the org.apache.maven.plugins groupId?  For
example, I have a simple plugin POM:


A simple mojo:

/** @goal a */
public class AMojo extends AbstractMojo {
	public void execute() throws MojoExecutionException {
		getLog().info("--- A ---");

I then "m2 -DupdateReleaseInfo=true install" it and try to run it with
"m2 a:a", but it only seems to look for a matching plugin within
org.apache.maven.plugins?  Also, the plugin-registry.xml even seems to
define it with that groupId:


Am I missing anything obvious here?



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