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From "Allison, Bob" <>
Subject [m2] Questions About Aggregating Documentation for Multiple Projects
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 03:12:14 GMT
I am looking into Maven 2 to try to figure out how to reconfigure our
current build environment when we upgrade from v1.0.2.  Our software
product consists of a number of web applications, portlets, EJBs, and
other jar files.  Out current build tree is set up as follows:

-- The top directory contains a project.xml file which contains
product-wide information such as CVS location and a maven.xml file with
a couple goals described below

-- A number of mid-level directories are in the top directory, one for
each type of artifact (jar, ejb, web application, ...).  Each of these
directories has a project.xml file which inherits from the top level and
a maven.xml file which defines standardized goals which detail the steps
to work with the artifact (for example, the web application's "install"
goal attains goal "war:install" while the jar's "install" goal attains
goal "jar:install") and any goals which are unique to the artifact type
(for example, the web application has "load" and "unload" goals which
load and unload the application from the server).

-- One or more individual project directories are in each mid-level
directory.  Each of these projects is an independent project which
inherits from the mid-level project.

The two goals mentioned above in the top level are designed to build a
complete documentation site and build a set of deployment artifacts.  I
am mostly concerned right now with the documentation.  In the current
setup, the documentation for the top level project contains navigation
entries for each mid-level project; each mid-level project's
documentation contains navigation entries for the individual projects
which create artifacts.  The top-level documentation contains
product-wide development information such as how to install tools such
as Maven.  Each of the mid-level project's documentation contains
information such as the goals specific to the type of artifact.

My questions:

1) Since the top-level and mid-level projects do not create any
artifacts, their POMs are not installed into the local repository.  How
do I define the inheritance for the individual projects so that they
inherit the proper information from the two upper levels?

2) How do I get the generated site to have the nested navigation
(top-level has links to mid-level which has links to individual
projects)?  Alternatively, can I have the top level have links directly
to the mid-level documentation as well as the individual projects?

3) For the purposes of inheritance and building documentation, should
the build tree be flattened out to make the individual projects
subdirectories of the top level or is it better to keep things the way
they are at present?

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