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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [M2] Requesting an example of a POM plugin entry for M2 plugin that allows the inclusion and exclusion of artifacts, and works
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2005 20:39:09 GMT
It appears it is not working, or that surefire doesn't honour them at
least. I know it used to, but am not sure when it regressed, and
haven't tested it beyond that one case.

Can you file a JIRA issue? (that way you can follow the fix).

Sorry if this has caused some inconvenience.

Here are my settings:
          <exclude implementation="java.lang.String">**/AppTest.*</exclude>


On 8/15/05, Andy Glick <> wrote:
> So far using M2 2.0-alpha-3, I have made many vain attempts to construct
> XML syntax that would successfully configure a plugin that accepts
> <includes> and <excludes> directives to ACTUALLY use the specifications.
> So far, not 1 has worked.
> I've found some example POMs in various repositories, but of course
> replicating their configuration doesn't work. :-)
> So, rather than list the ones that didn't work, I would like to request
> that someone write a fragment starting with an opening <build> tag thru
> a closing </build> tag that will work for a plugin which accepts
> <includes> and <excludes> specifications.
> If an example of this, that actually works already exists, and somehow I
> managed to miss it, as I have looked, I apologize for not being
> sagacious enough to find it, so please bear with me and reply with the URL.
> Thanks
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