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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Dependency Management - Need advice
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2005 03:22:06 GMT
Ok, there are a few ways to attack this.

1) dependency mangement, as you say.

2) hold each of the dependencies at snapshot. This will effectively do
what you want, but that build won't be reproducible.

3) use a range. Again, not reproducible, but means you can get the
latest release instead of just development versions without having to
update the data (so have the freedom to bless which one will be used)

We're still working on full support for (3). It sounds to me like you
want (2), and want your nightly build to run the release plugin, and
have it tag the project and update all the internal versions.

- Brett

On 8/14/05, dan tran <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am going to have a m2 build system that contains lots of sub projects.
> my daily build uses the same version of all sub projects.  and the version is
> incremented for each daily build.
> In M1,  I use one global version property in of the master
> project root. For each daily build, the system increments the version in
> properties and tag the entire source tree.
> In m2, it seems that the only way to achieve this are:
>   -  Define all possible sub projects in dependencyMangement at the root pom
>      or
>    - I need to write a plugin to transerse to all subproject and
> change the version
>      in poms and their dependencies,check in all the changes before the build
> Each has its own complexities that I wish to avoid
> I also notice that m2 and continuum builds also have to go thru my scecario
> for each new release ( offical alpha, beta,etc).
> Is there a better way? Or the capability is already there in M2.
> -Dan
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