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From "Ryan Shriver" <>
Subject Multiproject Navigation issues w/ 1.1 beta 1
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 17:47:48 GMT
Hello all,
I'm generating a multiproject site and am having difficulties getting the navigation to work
properly. If anyone can assist me I'd appreciate it.
As background, I have one overarching project that contains multiple sub-projects (modules).
Here's a simple example:
When running 'maven multiproject:site' the site is created with the correct links to the sub
projects (maven.multiproject.includes=*/*/project.xml) However, once I click on the sub-project,
the navigation links no longer work. For example, from the main page after site generation
I have in the navigation menu:
Home (index.html)
Projects > Base Client (multiproject/base-client/index.html)
Projects > Base Server (multiproject/base-server/index.html)
All is well at this point. But after clicking on the Base Client link, the menu now looks
Projects > Base Client (multiproject/base-client/multiproject/base-client/index.html)
An extra 'multiproject/base-client' is getting added to the URL, which breaks it. I've tried
a number of things, but nothing seems to work. Additionally, the Home link now points to (/multiproject/base-client/index.html
instead of /index.html). Here's my navigation.xml at the root project level:
<menu name="Menu">
      <item name="Home"  href="/index.html"/>
      <item name="Projects" href="/projects-overview.html">
        <item name="Base Client" href="/multiproject/base-client/index.html"/>
        <item name="Base Server" href="/multiproject/base-server/index.html"/>
Any ideas? I've tried to create new navigation.xml files and put them in the xdocs directory
under each sub-project and modify their href to be "../../index.html" but this didn't seem
to work either. Plus it would be a pain to have to keep all these navigation.xml files in
synch. Anyone know how to get me navigation problems resolved? Thanks in advance.
Ryan Shriver > Managing Consultant > Dominion Digital >

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