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From Jamie Bisotti <>
Subject Re: When extending a "parent" project.xml, not everything seems to get inheirited
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 15:59:13 GMT
On 8/3/05, Jamie Bisotti <> wrote:
> Using Maven 1.0.2, I have the following layout:
> trunk
>     common
>         project.xml
>     components
>         comp1
>             project.xml
>         comp2
>             project.xml
>     framework
>         project.xml
> where common/project.xml is the "parent" POM and the other three
> project.xml files extend it.  I'm seeing several places where it
> elements are not being inheirited.  The <organization> element is one
> example, and <resource> is another.
> The following works fine when it appears in one of the "child" POMs,
> but as soon as I move it to the "parent" POM, the resources are no
> longer getting copied.
> <resources>
>     <resource>
>         <directory>${basedir}/src/java</directory>
>         <includes>
>             <include>**/*.hbm.xml</include>
>         </includes>
>         <filtering>false</filtering>
>     </resource>
>     ...
> </resources>
> Running "maven -X java:jar-resources" shows no reference to the
> <resources> in the "parent", but it does show reference to the few
> remaining <resources> in the "child"
> Not sure if I'm missing something or doing something wrong.  Any
> insights would be greatly appreciated.
> --
> Jamie Bisotti

My previous observations were slightly incorrect.  It seems to depend
on whether or not the "child" has its own <resources> section or not. 
My comp1/project.xml DOES NOT have any custom resources, so it has no
<resources> section of its own; in this case, the "parent" <resources>
are used appropritely.  However, my framework/project.xml DOES have a
few custom resources, so it has a <resources> section of its own, in
addition to the one in "parent"; in this case, the "parent"
<resources> seem to be ignored.

Is this a bug, or is it something that just isn't possible?  Either
way, I think the <organization> element is still odd.

Jamie Bisotti

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