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From Jan Tanis <>
Subject Changelog returns 0 entries
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 06:50:03 GMT

I recently started using Maven. I want it to autogenerate reports on our
repositories. I installend Maven 1.0.2. Brett told me to upgrade the
changelog plugin, so I did. It does call the CVS server but it will
alway return 0 entries. When I manual run the log with the following
command -> C:\coat\workspace\cocos>cvs log -d "2005-07-03<2005-08-03" it
returns 100dreds of entries.
Following is a part of the debug output of ->
C:\coat\workspace\cocos>maven -X maven-changelog-plugin:report

    [echo] Generating the changelog report
Executing CVS command: log -d "2005-07-03<2005-08-03"
ChangeSet between 2005-07-03 and 2005-08-03: 0 entries
attaining goal build:end
popping off org.apache.maven.jelly.MavenJellyContext@c3014 for
org.apache.maven.jelly.MavenJellyContext@289d2e in
popping off org.apache.maven.jelly.MavenJellyContext@141fab6 for
org.apache.maven.jelly.MavenJellyContext@b301f2 in
popping off org.apache.maven.jelly.MavenJellyContext@2d189c for
org.apache.maven.jelly.MavenJellyContext@aae86e in
popping off org.apache.maven.jelly.MavenJellyContext@129b0e1 for
org.apache.maven.jelly.MavenJellyContext@1ba94d in
popping off org.apache.maven.jelly.MavenJellyContext@1ffc686 for
org.apache.maven.jelly.MavenJellyContext@142bece in cocos:cocos
Final Memory: 3M/5M
Total time: 3 seconds
Finished at: Tue Aug 02 08:45:53 CEST 2005

Met Vriendelijke Groet/Kindest Regards
Jan Tanis (
COAS The Netherlands

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