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From "Mariano Stampella" <>
Subject scm:update error
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 03:53:55 GMT

Hi, I'm Mariano with the same old problem, I use the scm-plugin and when try
to use the update goal occurs this

[WARNING] Unknown status: '? '.
[WARNING] Unknown status: 'M '.

That's because when i execute the update goal really executed this:

cvs -f -q update -d

And the result is:

? .xdoclet
? bin
? example
? iaso.ear
? manga.jpg
? xdoclet-build.xml
? j2ee/jars/javax.servlet.jar
M .classpath
M maven.xml

For this reason the update process is truncated.

Somebody can a solution for that?



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