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From "Yann LE DU" <>
Subject Re: [m1] Basic POM Question
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 16:31:21 GMT
OK, so your question is : how to get the POM (with its
SCM info) on the first time ?

The solution we use here is to put the central Maven
repository under SCM control. This way we can check-out
(then daily update) the central repository into our
local ~/.maven/repository.

However, we are starting to give up this solution
because the SCM repository size is growing too fast. At
the moment, we are planning to use an Ant script  -
which we can turn later into something more Maven-y :)
- to synchronize both repositories with SSH SCP.

Hope it helps, don't hesitate to ask for more details,


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 De     : &quot;Christian Schlaefcke&quot;
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 Date   : Wed, 13 Jul 2005 17:47:24 +0200
 Objet  : Re: [m1] Basic POM Question


-Yann LE DU schrieb:
->Hi Christian,
->I don't know if that answers to your question, but if
->you want to take a pom out of the repository, just
->delete the whole project directory from the
->repository... I always did this way when I needed to.
-Not really ;-) But let me explain:
-Imagine the following:
-A developer creates a brand new project and configures
it for use with 
-scm. He checks it in and adds the POM to the central
-Another developer know wants to work on this project
as well on a 
-different machine. So I wonder how the second
developer can use maven to 
-start working.
-What I have in mind is something like:
-Developer 2 retrieves (however) the POM of the project
from the central 
-maven-repo and can now use maven for his/her tasks
e.g.: scm:checkout, 
-java:compile, jar:deploy, whatever ... So maven now
checks out the 
-project from cvs/svn and solves the whatever wanted task.
-My question refers to the first step of the second
developer. How will 
-this developer be able to work with the same project
from a central 
-mave-repo while the project essentials sit in cvs/svn?
-Thanks & Regards,
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