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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: classes packed into jar files inside war artifact
Date Sat, 16 Jul 2005 08:23:55 GMT
On 7/6/05, fenallen <> wrote:
> That's a real shame in my opinion.  I think your comment on the jira
> issue about balancing the 'Maven way' with just being plain awkward
> really hits the nail on the head.

Please read the other threads and the rest of the JIRA. I'm relying on
memory here, but I think there were downsides to doing this other than
just adding unnecessary complexity. Again, we're not deliberately
being awkward, but trying to avoid 99% suffer pain for the 1% who are
doing it differently (%'s may be exaggerated :) Featuritis has hurt
Maven's plugins badly in the past.

> This concerns me also with the maven.xml removal in M2 and forcing a
> plugin only procedure.  In my mind this makes the development of a new
> build system for a project significantly more hassle.  Not much on each
> iteration perhaps but when all the iterations are taken together...

Again, a little extra pain there makes everything else much simpler -
you win it back in portability, consitency and reusability. And it is
a little - assuming maven.xml was a one file plugin script, the pom is
probably 6 lines. So a 6 line file, and an extra subdirectory is the
price - not bad at all. Many Maven 1 users that have retained their
sanity by already doing it this way, still finding it worth it for
those benefits even though it was not as trivial in that environment.

Thanks for your feedback.


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