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From Reid Pinchback <>
Subject RE: Alternate build step
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 01:49:28 GMT

Thanks for the suggestion!  I'll try that, see if I 
get anywhere.  The problem I've had so far is that 
I want to both build the site and have checkstyle 
run (so the report be part of the site), and can't 
get both at the same time.  

If I tell Maven where the source is then it tries to 
build it (but will fail for multiple reasons I won't 
go into) but the checkstyle could theoretically run.
If I don't tell Maven where the source is, it never 
runs checkstyle (at least not via the whatever 
collection of reports get processed via site:default).

>From your suggestion and looking at the "Migrating
from Ant" page, maybe what I need to do is create
a checkstyle goal like you suggested, also create
a goal for my Ant build script.  Then make both of
those be preGoals for the site.  If I can come up 
with a checkstyle goal where I get to specify the
source location, so I don't have to specify the source 
location in project.xml, maybe I'll be ok.

--- Marc Attiyeh <> wrote:

> Reid -
> I would just define your own goal in the maven.xml file and call that.  You can make
it then
> call the checkstyle goal by using <attainGoal> or whatever else you want it to
> -marc

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