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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: copying a dependency
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 12:30:47 GMT
On 6/21/05, Torsten Curdt <> wrote:
> As for javaflow and for other projects that
> use byte code rewriting I would like to provide
> the option to do the byte code rewriting at
> build time.

Right.. I'm tempted to give the m2 solution which is to write a java
bean that does it and tell it to bind to @phase process-classes...

For maven1, utilising the same bean, adding a <postGoal
name="java:compile" /> probably is what you are after (probably what
you are already doing in fact)..

> Now this means that I need to transform all
> classes that are being generated (like a
> class file post-processor) and all the
> depending jars!

Can you elaborate on this? We haven't previously considered a use case
where you would actually need to process the dependencies as well.
What is it that javaflow is doing with the deps? Are you copying them
into the target directory and creating a new classpath, or bundling
them into something else?

> Cool ...ok. An ant task was the first
> thing I thought of.

Just to elaborate a bit, the strategy we are aiming for is to write
such things as "mojos" - java beans that have little or later maybe no
need of the Maven API (what it uses now is a very small jar that
provides a logger and interface).

>From those, you can put directives to execute it in the javadoc and
Maven2 will run it, or you can generate a jelly harness (to create a
maven1 plugin), and hopefully a task adapater (to create an antlib).
The latter 2 haven't been completed or well tested, so we so far have
gone with manually writing the bindings, but keeping the code separate
from the specifics of any of the 3 is a good practice to making it
reusable across them all in future.


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