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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [m2] Artifact tasks transitive dep issues
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 15:12:06 GMT
On 6/7/05, Nicola Ken Barozzi <> wrote:
> 1 - I don't know which jars get downloaded simply as a result of a
>      transitive dependency.
>      Something like the below suggestion would help.
>                    - ~ -
>    Downloading: xxy/xxy-impl/1.0/xxy-impl-1.0.jar
>    Referenced by:
>      > pom
>    + > xyz  (suggested 0.9)
>    - > xddz (suggested 1.1)

Something like that is definitely the plan, though looking at JIRA, I
don't see it specifically. I had intended to do this along with the
refactoring of the code to support version ranges.

> 2 - I specified *xercesImpl* 2.6.2 but it also downloaded *xerces* 1.6.3
>      as a result of a transitive dependency.
>      There could be some kind of link that points the xerces requests
>      done by the transitive dep system to the newer artifacts.

Naming amiguities are something we will need to sort out, for sure. I
had a "supersedes" tag noted in JIRA, but that and specification
dependencies are looking like v2.1 features at this point. As you also
list, there needs to be some tracking of the history of the artifact
identifiers to avoid conflicts.

For the current implementation, manual exclusions will be necessary.

> As a temporary solution to the above two problems, one could manually
> specify which jars *not* to download. In this way I could block the
> xerces and ant-optional jars and add the needed ones by hand.

Just implemented it in m2 and working on the ant tasks as we speak.
Will be doing that and plenty of work on the ant tasks over the next
few days. If you want to track dev at all, we plan a release in 2
weeks so you can have a date when it is generally available.

Thanks for the feedback.


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