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From Marcell Manfrin Barbacena <>
Subject [m2] Multi-project in Eclipse
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 05:41:27 GMT

How can i configure the eclipse plugin to link the modules as eclipse
projects and not as local repository jar files. Let thake the "getting
started" example to make myself clear:

+- pom.xml
+- my-app
|  +- pom.xml
+- my-webapp
|  +- pom.xml

What i want is the my-webapp eclipse project linked with the my-app
eclipse project and not with a my-app jar libary in the repository.
That is mainly because i want the F3 to jump to the source file from
the other project.

One other thing, is it possible to have a eclipse project as a
dependency? In maven1 it was done with the include eclipse property.
How is it in m2?


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