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From Javier Kohen <>
Subject Multi project CVS build
Date Mon, 30 May 2005 17:31:28 GMT

I'm very new to Maven. I have this project that consists of many
components, most of which are stored in separate CVS trees. My old build
system is as follows:
1) Generate all 70+ JAR files with Eclipse's JAR exporter.
2) Run a Makefile target that generates the project's documentation from
3) Run an Ant script that performs the following operations:
 a) Obfuscates some of the JARs using yGuard.
 b) Invokes a "magic" Perl script that gathers all JARs (obfuscated or
not) and the resources in a target-like hierarchy.
 c) Creates an IzPack installer from the output of the previous step.

So far I've been able to replace step 1 with Maven, by using the scm
plug-in. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make the whole process
easier. As I want to build/release from CVS, the multi-project plug-in
doesn't seem to be useful in this case. Dependency discovery would be an
extra, but I'm not sure I need it.

I don't care much about step 2, but I'd like to integrate Maven's
repository somehow into step 3. After step 1 I should have all the
artifacts in the repository, but how do I pull them out so that yGuard
can obfuscate them? I guess I can write an yGuard plug-in and put them
as dependencies, I have to maintain the list of artifacts that need
obfuscation manually anyway, but how do I setup the versioning so that
it always uses the output from step 1 instead of a fixed version number?
Note that each artifact carries a potentially different version number,
and I don't want to use snapshots because that would make the build

And last, I need to feed the output of the previous steps to IzPack
As I don't want to deploy the obfuscated JARs, I'm thinking that for
this step I could use version overrides for those, so that they point to
the output of step 2 in the file system. Does that sound feasible?

I don't need nightly builds, as Eclipse does that for me. All I need at
this moment is an easy way to make releases.

I hope that's all and that it's not too long. I don't know jetty, but
I'm willing to learn it to realize this project.

Javier Kohen <>
ICQ: blashyrkh #2361802

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