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From Peter van de Hoef <>
Subject [m2] POM inheritance
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 19:00:23 GMT
Hi all,

I have a question about which elements of the POM are inherited by 
derived POM's.

In my parent POM I have a <build> section which specifies the source 
directory and some parameters for the java compiler:

In a derived POM, the source directoriy is different, so a new <build> 
section is specified:

The overridden source directory is effectuated in this second POM, but 
it appears that  the java compiler settings have disappeared (it starts 
e.g. complaining about JDK 1.4 features like assertions). If I do not 
specify a <build> section in the derived POM, the settings of the base 
POM are inherited.

It appears that the <build> section is (completely) inherited if it is 
not present in the derived POM, but if a <build> section is specified in 
the derived POM, everything from the base POM is thrown away and only 
the settings of the derived POM are used.
Is this correct?

Thanks in advance.
Peter van de Hoef

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